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Check out our weekly specials and upcoming music and events. We work overtime to find the best musicians and live entertainment so you don’t have to. Happy Hour… HALF PRICE Taps Monday through Friday until 6pm, and $3 all day Sunday. Did we mention we have 24 taps to choose from? Nice. Don’t forget to grab a bite at Tug’s Kitchen, our menu is a local favorite. Also, our sister bar, Mama’s Garage, is the perfect place to enjoy a summer night, drink specials and outdoor patio with a live music stage.

Open weekdays @ 3pm, and Saturdays & Sundays @ 11am

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LIVE: The Swing Crew (after the parade)

Sunday Sep 19
4:00 pm  Venue: Showboat Saloon
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Sunday Sep 19
10:00 pm  Venue: Showboat Saloon
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Modelo Mondays

Monday Sep 20
3:00 pm 
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1/2 Price Wings

Tuesday Sep 21
3:00 pm 
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What's On Tap

HALF PRICE Taps until 6pm Monday - Friday & $3 All Day Sunday

Crom’s Beard IPA - American
7.5% ABV
60 IBU
Munster, IN

A single-hop IPA brewed with Strata, a new hop from Oregon with aromas of passionfruit, grapefruit and wafting weed. “He dwells on a great mountain. What use to call on him? Little he cares if men live or die. Better to be silent than to call his attention to you; he will send you dooms, not fortune!” — Robert E. Howard ABV 7.5% IBU 60

Snifter   $8.00
Daytona Stinger Sour - Fruited
9.5% ABV
Munster, IN

Inspired by one of the greatest tales ever told, Daytona Stinger takes a rocket launcher to your taste buds. Kettle soured and fermented with a mixed culture of proprietary yeasts, this sultry ale is aged on black limes, fresh and dried mint, and healthy dose of mojito extract for a flavor an color boost. Enjoy on hot summer nights and repeat after us, "Stingers pal, stingers."

Snifter   $12.00
4.6% ABV
12 IBU
Amherst, WI

Made using real Wisconsin honey, our Honey Blonde is a traditional cream ale featuring a breezy floral bouquet, subtle sweetness, and crisp, clean finish. When you're feeling like something a bit more refreshing, this little number is sure to please.

Draft   $4.00
Maple Barrel Stout Stout - Imperial / Double
10.5% ABV
Amherst, WI

A collaboration long in the making. We give our freshly dumped bourbon barrels to B&E's Trees, where they go into a long slumber housing their magnificent Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Syrup. We then take that magical barrel back and age an Imperial Stout in it, providing the earthy nuttiness of the Wisconsin Maple Trees to an already outstanding barrel aged stout. Enjoy this expression of collaboration and pure Wisconsin character.

Snifter   $10.00
6.5% ABV
Amherst, WI

Mas Tequila! We took our Key Lime Gose and threw it into a tequila barrel. The tequila notes blend perfectly with the key limes and salt for a tart, complex, balanced beer.

Snifter   $6.00
Grand Mimosa Cider - Other Fruit
5.0% ABV
Stevens Point, WI

Sunshine always dances here. Some call this fruitful pairing surreal – ruby red apples uniting with succulent juicy oranges. Unexpected? You bet. Sweet yet tart – tasty and unique. Nothing stops the passion found in a Grand Mimosa. All natural orange juice added, natural settling may occur.

Draft   $5.00
6.0% ABV
Mogadore, OH

Mead with Banana and Spices 2017 Silver Medal Winner at the Mazer Cup International Mead Competition. Tasting Notes: Rich banana, vanilla and honey sweetness with caramelized sugar flambe’. Coffee aroma on the nose but not present on the palette provides depth and balance. It is said that once, long before the birds and the bees, there was the Banana and the Bee. The rowdy Banana came from the wrong side of the tracks, so it was instantly a scandalous relationship. Things were hot for a while, practically a flambé. Their love didn’t last long, though, as it was steeped in good times and a heavy dose of a certain Caribbean libation. After the flames settled settled they decided it would be best to stay BFF’s.

Snifter   $12.00
Deadhead IPA Series: Haze of the Dead IPA - Imperial / Double New England
8.5% ABV
83 IBU
Normal, IL

Our Deadhead IPA Series melds the strong vibe of our favorite music with the beer we love to drink, elevating both into a higher state of consciousness. Our Haze of the Dead reverberates with booming amounts of Citra and Simcoe hops piercing through the melodic mouthfeel of flaked oats, wheat & pils malts, concocting into a Juicy, Hazy Double IPA that will be sure to wake the dead. Cheers!

Draft   $6.00

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